Delicious Gourmet Food Gently 

Steamed and Raw for Optimum Nutrition

Online Media Studio for Content Creators,

A function for Vegan Catering, Product Launch etc

New Live Entertainments Stage and Soundsystem

Vantra Innovation

At Vantra we enjoy absorbing new science, technology and understandings into wonderfully nutritious and tasty foods.

Maybe its a rare vocktail ingredient, a raw dish or a new brew, Vantra sets trends ahead of the game.

Vantra Origins

Vantra has operated in London for 18 years since 1999.

1999 - Vitao - Finchley Road
2004 - Vitao - Wardour Street
2008 - Vitao Vantra - Soho St
2013 - Vantra - Oxford St
(busiest street in the world)
2016 - Vantra Eden - Goodge St
2017 - Loungevity

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Vantra Pioneering

1st vegan and organic restaurant in London

1st with raw gourmet food including healthy taste-bud popping desserts

1st organic cold press juice bar with innovative drinks

1st vespresso bar with raw cacao drinks, golden milk and matcha lattes

1st vocktail bar with fully vegan organic alcohol & Kombucha vocktails

1st with healthy gut flora menu

1st with complete allergen free menu:
refined sugar, gluten, fried food, peanut, cashew nuts and many more

1st with aqueous cooked food where we cook without oil and heat up to 100C with water to avoid browning and carcinogens

Inspiring continued growth of the positive living community as hosts and global consultants on catering and events

Lenny “Vantra” Phong

Vantra at Parliament with MP Kerry McCarthy and BBC reporter Giles Dilnot

Leading the food development and values of Vantra is Lenny Phong who has passionately pursued the values of positive and healthy living for 28 years. 

Ever keen to develop and reinvent, he restlessly pushes the boundaries of commercially available healthy nutrition. 

Going beyond nutrition, Lenny seeks to create a home for the positive living community supported by a live stage and digital media.

Skip introduces Vantra and Lenny

Social Enterprising

Vantra endeavours to deliver the best possible to customers and inspire the positive living community.

Bio degradable packaging and green energy are additional ways Vantra operates as a social enterprise. Faithful to the values Vantra was founded upon.

We continue to apply these values to our latest incarnation...

Deeper Roots

To go further Vantra is running deeper roots for the positive living community. Loungevity provides a central London stage for intimate live performances in a fully vegan venue.

Vantra Future


There are many projects we would like to run at this central London location for the positive living community. If you would like to get involved as a content creator, artist or event organiser we would love to hear form you.

Contact us at 

We look forward to taking global consciousness to another level with you in the future in more fun and delicious ways.

Keep up to date with our developments and celebrations on Instagram and Facebook. Subscribe to our mailing list for major announcements at 

Register and claim a free probiotic drink.

Offer ends 30.12.2017

Join in on the fun at: Vantra Loungevity, 5 Wardour St, W1D 6PB