Our Philosophy

Vantra Vitao is one of the most unique restaurants in the world, because we are all about the cutting edge in health and nutrition, as well as sumptuous tastes. We believe that organic food is best, and should be kept in its natural state. This means raw, or only carefully cooked dishes are at our healthy food restaurant, with as many organic and whole food ingredients utilised as possible. This is why Vantra Vitao has become the place chosen by people from all walks of life – Celebrities, sports personalities, famous nutrition analysts – to control weight, energise, reduce and prevent ill health, or just to have a delicious meal! Top nutrition analysts such as Dr. Gabriel Cousens and Dr. Brian Clement highly recommend us.

Vantra Vitao Nutrition

At Vantra Vitao we believe in healthy food, which supplies real nutrition for everyday life.  We deliver a complete nutrition package with every meal, so that whatever you choose from our broad selection results in your well-being.

Optimum weight – Optimum health

Weight loss, or maintenance, is important to most people. What often makes it hard to achieve is the belief that losing weight must involve giving up everything tasty… Come to Vantra Vitao and let us prove that wrong! Our healthy food restaurant in London provides meals which are optimally healthy, meaning that they will fill you up and satisfy all your cravings, without fats, sugars, and harmful compounds. We are the one place for optimum health food in London.

Energy, vitality and vigour

A modern metropolitan lifestyle can really be exhausting, and leave you feeling drained. Vantra Vitao, our healthy vegan restaurant in London, can provide the nutrition you need to put you back on your feet. We provide raw, organic, whole foods and foods suitable for those who follow a living food diet. This is food that is bursting with energy, and you will leave feeling light but satisfied, and fully rejuvenated.

Immunity protection

Our bodies have sophisticated and power immune systems which are constantly working to stave off illness, but these depend upon the vitamins and minerals we absorb from our diet. Nutrition is essential to keeping healthy, and at the Vantra Vitao, we aim to provide the healthiest foods possible to keep your immunity strong.

Gentle on-going detoxification

For many people, a detox is what you do after a big party, or as a new year’s resolution. It is something radical and one-off. At Vantra Vitao, we don’t believe that’s how detoxification should work – we aim to include detoxifying properties in all our meals, so that your body is topped up with gentle purifying cleansers every day.

Broad spectrum of nutrients

A health food diet is not all about what you don’t eat, but about precisely what you do. At Vantra Vitao, we hand-pick our ingredients to cover all of the nutrients a healthy diet needs, making sure nothing is missing from your daily needs.

Our Healthy Vegan Food In Detail

Everything we serve is 100% Vegan to encourage compassionate living, help stop climate change, and to promote good health. Where all vegan diets are free from cholesterol, our specialist foods go a step further and avoid, not only animal products which are carcinogenic, mycotoxic and highly acidic, but also plant based produce such as corn products, peanuts and cashew nuts.

Throughout the history of mankind some of the greatest achievements have been made by people who were either vegetarian or vegan. These include:

  • The world’s greatest scientists: Albert Einstein; Sir Isaac Newton; Thomas Eddison; Charles Darwin; Pythagoras; and Hippocrates, the father of western medicine.
  • The greatest philosophers: Socrates; Plato; Aristotle; Immanuel Kant; Confucious; Chuang Tzu.
  • Masters of creative arts: William Shakespeare; Leonardo Da Vinci; and Vincent van Gogh.
  • Musicians: The Beatles; Moby; Lenny Kravitz; Damon Albarn (Blur/Gorillaz); Ralf Hütter (Kraftwerk); and Prince.
  • The most influential humanitarians and spiritual leaders: Siddhārtha Gautama, founder of Buddhism; Lao Tze, author of the Tao Te Ching; and Mahatma Ghandi.
  • World Champion athletes: Martina Navratilova; and Carl Lewis, who won nine Olympic gold medals.
  • Actors and celebrities: Woody Harrelson; Brigitte Bardot; Christian Bale; Natalie Portman; and Kate Winslet

Organic wholefoods are the foundation of our recipes. We were the first restaurant in the UK to avoid refined flours and cane sugars as well as artificial, GMO or chemically enhanced ingredients and we will continue to do so.

Our pioneering and exclusive use of water based cooking, where food is not heated above 100°c, means that food is broken down gently ensuring maximum nutrient bioavailability and better assimilation. This also means we avoid the harmful carcinogens formed by frying, baking, roasting, grilling or browning.

We strive to ensure that all food that we serve is organic except where organic certification is not available. The benefits of Organic food cannot be overstated as foods that are free from pesticides, genetic modification, or any other form of tampering can only be beneficial to the health of everyone and the well being of the planet as a whole.

Organic wholefoods are the foundation of our recipes. We were the first restaurant in the UK to avoid refined flours and cane sugars as well as artificial, GMO or chemically enhanced ingredients and we will continue to do so.

Understanding the dangers of sugary diets, we were the first restaurant in the UK to start using healthy alternatives in our cakes and savoury dishes. The yacon and palm syrups we use are suitable for those with diabetes and candida.

Using sprouted legumes, and germinated grains, nuts and seeds has been our unique way to make them easier to digest, and to increase nutrient uptake and alkaline forming in the body.

Vantra Vitao was also first in the UK to serve wheat free, non-carcinogenic steamed and raw cakes, as well as bread and pasta which is easier to digest helping to avoid the development of allergies caused by excessive wheat or gluten consumption.

We select only the highest quality and healthiest ingredients and ensure that all the ingredients we use are fresh and in the best state possible. We do not use any ingredient that has been stored in a way that may lead to it becoming spoilt.

We practice the principles of food combining in the preparation of all of our meals ensuring that you can easily select only those foods that work well together when digested.

In addition to food combining and living gourmet we endeavour to stay up to date with the latest in modern nutrition developments, and are constantly at work finding ways to bring these developments to you in the most delicious way possible. Our recipes are continually updated to bring you optimum health and taste.

We apply some of the ancient wisdom of Ayurved in the preparation of our food and drinks to help balance your mind as well as your body.

The impact that we have on the planet and all living things is very important to us. This is why we choose to follow practices that are compassionate and promote sustainable living. Not only is our 100% Vegan cuisine compassionate to all living creatures, but it is also much kinder to the environment due to the fact that we do not rely on resource intensive animal farming. The raw foods that we serve require very little or no energy while our aqueous cooking methods require much less energy than conventional food preparation techniques and ensure that we have a reduced carbon impact when compared to other food service establishments. Choosing certified organic and natural foods means that we also do not contribute to farming methods that harm the environment with pesticides or unnatural chemicals. On top of all of that, we use packaging materials and consumables that are biodegradable, and get our energy from green energy suppliers. It is all these small things that we believe will help reverse the effects of climate change and help create a more beautiful world for every being on it.


Vantra Vitao has been creating forward thinking and flavoursome gourmet food and drink for over twelve years. Our passions lie with nutrient rich ingredients and so all of our meals are hand prepared, using only fresh produce. We place importance on food that is beneficial for body, mind and planet, providing customers with local, seasonal and organic ingredients.
Vantra Vitao’s mission is to promote a nutritious vegan lifestyle that is delicious and nutritious, also accessible and sociable.
We at Vantra Vitao wish to demonstrate how easy, approachable and satisfying it can be to eat well.



Join us daily between 11:00 – 22:45 to enjoy a wide variety of delicious food at our buffet, whilst gaining a valuable insight into veganism and an optimum nutritional experience.


À la carte

From 17:30 onwards you can enjoy a relaxed and vibrant atmosphere, accompanied by candle lit table service, welcoming staff and a wholesome À la carte menu.


Everyones Nutrition

Vantra Vitao is revolutionising eating and drinking. We are the first restaurant to create and serve genuinely healthy food and drink. Food and drink that is truly tasty, affordable, accessible and provides for positive living. Our food is painstakingly designed to bring about optimum health, with quality organic ingredients that sing with flavour.

Below are some examples of the tasty and healthy vegan food that you will come across if you drop by. For a more current list of our selections please call us, and we will be able to provide you with all the information that you need.


We have a choice of sugar free, raw gorgeous vegan deserts, just ask our staff for the daily selection!

  • Chocolate Orange Tarte – Soft, smooth chocolate mousse with a cacao nib crust, served with a mixed berry compote.
  • Mango Cheesecake – Fresh mango blended with macadamia-ricotta, with a lemon and coconut crust, served with a mixed berry compote.


We have a wide range of shakes, smoothies, juices, herbal teas as well as a Vespresso bar where we serve coffee and coffee substitutes such as carob, maca and macha. All our juices are pressed on site in front of you with the freshest ingredients available. If you cannot find a juice on the menu you can always ask for one that is specifically tailored to you.

* Rooibos Chai Latte * Cacoa Cremalatte with Soya Coconut cream * Chai Tea Cappuccino * Green Tea Iced Latte.

* Matcha Mojito Vocktail * Raspassion Voctail * Root Power Juice * Raw Cacao and Nut ‘Mylk’ shake * Purple Wisdom Eye Berry Lassi * Green Rejuvenator Juice

* Genmaicha * High Mountain Oolong * Relaxing Tea * Love Tea * Fresh Ginger and Lemon Tea * Masala Chai

We accept cash only




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25-27 Oxford St London W1D 2DW
Telephone: 020 7439 8237
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We take bookings for after 17:30 daily, to coincide with our candlelit ambience and welcoming waited service. Please call us directly on 0207 439 8237 to make a reservation or enquiry.

Opening Hours: Mon-Sat: 11:00 – 23:00 Sun: 11:00 – 21:00

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